WND: Target Pursues “Aggressive LGBT Stance” Despite Falling Revenues

Does anything Target does come as a big surprise anymore? Despite the fact that the retailer has seen drops in sales since implementing their transgender bathroom policy, the store has introduced #TakePride on social media again to advertise their rainbow “pride” products.

WND offers an interesting timeline of the LGBT advocacy that Target has shown over the years. While the company has leaned left on multiple policy issues, the decision to allow men into women’s restroom and fitting room facilities is what really turned people away from the retailer. As Target struggles to regain customer support and trust, they have made decisions to cut the pay of their CEO in recent weeks and have even fired several executive employees.

Upon Target’s irresponsible decision to promote transgender bathrooms, we responded at 2ndVote with our #AnywhereButTARGET campaign. You can still sign the pledge and vow to keep your dollars away from Target. Show the retailer that you place customer safety and values above a radical social agenda!

  • Jane

    Since Target only wants to appease the homosexuals, I’m TRULY glad that as a heterosexual woman, I have not shopped there in over three years and this just gives me more reason never go step foot in this hellish place ever again.

  • victoryman

    Have not set foot in a target store since they banned the Christmastime Salvation Army bell-ringers many years back.

  • John

    I guess target (lower case intentional) is reinforcing its position of not wanting me as a customer. It’s its (mustn’t show sexual bias) choice. I am a biologically sound heterosexual male, and I’m pretty rigid on the position that women’s safety and privacy are to be protected. I accept the accolade of “sexist” , in part, because I have known real women (not “maybe women”) who had so much between the ears, including integrity and competence, that they earned my highest regard.

  • Cobranut

    Seems like target is hell-bent on total self-destruction. Some folks never learn. LOL

    • billyrb1

      Let’s hope they’re destroyed sooner than later.

  • James Bryson

    The beatings will continue until morale improves. Keep up the alienation campaign Target management!

  • James Mitchell

    I haven’t shopped Target for 13 years, ever since they decided against allowing the Salvation Army to Ring their bells. I saw the downward spiral at that time. I absolutely will not shop at a store that shows so much disregard for a woman’s safety that they allow a man to go into a room where privacy should be protected.

  • Lin

    If Target believes that gender is fluid, then Target can’t deny, at the risk of litigation for violating equal rights, that everything else could be fluid . . . to include race, species, etc. along with gender. Therefore, Target should not have any problems, at the risk of lawsuits, in allowing a horde of people who identify as dogs to roam in their stores and doing what dogs do, urinating and defecating in their aisles and on their merchandising. Could a trend be started, like Jesse Jackson’s extortion of retailers, and bus in two or three hundred trans species to shop in Target stores and do what dogs do??? Should be fun, and let Target deny these poor trans species of their equal rights . . . sue the c*** out of them . . . they seem willing to lose their share holders’ money.

  • Angelo G

    I will never give any business to them .
    I have driven 2 miles out of my way when I was in a Target shopping center parking lot to get Halloween candy just not to spend any money there.

  • Spectrum