2ndVote Exposes Patagonia’s Financial Support for Planned Parenthood

After CEO Rose Marcario pledged her company would join the “resistance” against President Trump’s policies, 2ndVote’s research has found outdoor clothing maker Patagonia is one of the top corporate donors to Planned Parenthood.

Patagonia’s liberal activism is well documented. Earlier this month, Patagonia joined a coalition of liberal corporations, politicians, and municipalities opposing the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Also, in 2016, CEO Marcario signed onto a letter organized by the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina as part of a misinformation campaign against North Carolina’s HB-2.

Marcario has recently threatened to sue the Trump administration over rollbacks of President Obama’s landgrab that “stole away millions of acres of land from state control to create new national monuments and parks.”

When our research team took a close look at Patagonia’s political activism, tax documents from the company’s charitable giving arm contained a shocking revelation. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, Patagonia donated a combined $67,000 to abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Upon learning this, 2ndVote Executive Director Lance Wray issued the following statement:

Patagonia’s Rose Marcario is the perfect example of why conservatives are sick and tired of CEOs using their position to push a political agenda. Not only is she leading a lawsuit against the Trump administration, but her company provides financial support for the liberal agenda far beyond environmental activism.

Our research has found Patagonia uses its charitable giving arm to funnel tens of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood. This means a portion of every customer dollar helps fund a gruesome business that performs over 300,000 abortions every year.

In 2016, millions of conservatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood; shouldn’t we make that vote count even more by defunding Patagonia? Conservatives who take their shopping dollars elsewhere can send Ms. Marcario and Patagonia a clear message that it just makes better business sense to stay out of politics.

As a result Patagonia has been added to 2ndVote’s Planned Parenthood Resource Page, which lists all the companies in our database that financially support the abortion giant.

Clearly, Patagonia has deliberately established itself as an activist company, led by its CEO’s liberal values. However, it’s important for conservatives to understand that Patagonia’s activism is only possible because of profits; a portion of every dollar spent by a conservative on Patagonia’s product helps fund advocacy that stands in stark contrast to conservative values.

For more information on where Patagonia stands on all the issues, see their scorepage in 2ndVote’s company database here.

Let Patagonia know your dollars won’t fund their liberal activism anymore. Use the buttons below to send the company a direct message.

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  • Angelo G

    I am surprised a company like Patagonia would support all those liberal groups.
    So many fishermen and women buy there products, fishermen and women also hunt and most people that hunt and fish don’t like that BS.
    I will never buy any of there shirts and clothes again and believe me I buy a lot of shit.
    I will also tell my friends about this.

    • james pence

      Angelo, They have been environmental nut bags for years. I quit their
      products years ago because of the environmental stance of the company. Most sportsmen
      have no idea about the company stance on the issues, for most of the products
      they buy.

      • Appreciate

        James, I am not into activities that would encourage me to buy Patagonia products; however, on another very popular conservative site which I am active on, I have learned from MANY true outdoorsmen and women that these products are “for show”. According to them, they are not the kind of quality that would actually hold up to the sorts of action they purport to be needed for. Many true hunters, backpackers, wilderness explorers, etc. have said Patagonia products are just for people who shop at malls and want to be PERCEIVED as outdoorsmen, which I didn’t know but appreciated learning about. It seems long ago, they truly did produce good quality and durable outdoor clothing but were purchased by some large (foreign possibly? I cannot now recall) conglomerate and, as always happens in these situations, the product’s quality was sacrificed for profit.

        I’m betting they experience some “pushback” like Kellogg’s and Target (one can only hope). Have a lovely evening! And when, OH WHEN, will these ridiculous companies learn you cannot insult half of your client base and then expect to be profitable? It’s sort of like someone calling all conservative patriots “deplorable” and still expecting to win an election, LOL!

    • Appreciate

      Angelo, what truly surprises me, as a woman who has spent her entire life in business, is that a woman employed by a large company (not the owner) would be SO eager to alienate a large part of her company’s customers. Her desperate virtue signalling and over-inflated sense of self-importance is so important to her that she is willing to forego company profits. These companies are deliberately making the choice to sacrifice revenue to appease the rather small, but very loud, Alt+Left. I am positive, their profits will plunge, just like Kellogg’s and Target. When the Board of Directors looks at her and say: “CEO Marcario, how do you explain the dramatic loss of profit we have encountered since June of 2017?”, I hope she will clearly and loudly say “Me, Executives! I am solely responsible for publicly and VOCALLY announcing the company’s quietly held agenda and running my big mouth as well as targeting and denouncing our elected President and, by extension, the 63,000,000 Americans who voted for him AND the much LARGER group of people who actively support him. I, sirs, feel such a desperate need for attention that I decided my FEELINGS and my sense of self-importance were more important than the company’s revenue even though it will result in the loss of jobs of many of my fellow Patagonia employees (boy, do I hope they all understand when they can no longer support their families). Honestly, Board, I HATE our conservative customers so much I made the decision to stop accepting their money. I do hope, sirs, that you support my need to express myself and to only accept “liberal” customers? Are we good, sirs….? Sirs…..?”

  • Angelo G

    Last time they get a dime from me.

  • James Bryson

    Thank you 2ndVote for bringing this into the light.

    Patagonia deserves pricipled pushback…let’s hope they learn something.

  • Angelo G

    James and Appreciate.
    The best way to fight back is with your money, lets hope a lot of people jump on board with this one and not buy there products.