Facebook To Fight ‘Fake News’ by Partnering With… George Soros?

Remember when Facebook had to retrain its employees because the trending news section was biased against conservative points of view? A former employee alleged that the problem stemmed from 90% of the trending news team identifying as ‘liberal’, which meant the culture at Facebook lacked significant diversity of thought.

Facebook did announce earlier this year that reforms were being made after meeting with conservative leaders. However, Breitbart News is reporting that Facebook is now partnering with an organization backed by George Soros to investigate so-called “fake news” on its platform:

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) drafted a code of five principles for news websites to accept, and Facebook yesterday announced it will work with “third-party fact checking organizations” that are signatories to the code of principles.

Facebook says that if the “fact checking organizations” determine that a certain story is fake, it will get flagged as disputed and, according to the Facebook announcement, “there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why. Stories that have been disputed may also appear lower in News Feed.”

IFCN is hosted by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. A cursory search of the Poynter Institute website finds that Poynter’s IFCN is openly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and the National Endowment for Democracy.

You can read the Breitbart article in its entirety here.

Facebook is one of the most liberal companies in our database, but partnering with organizations tied to Soros appears the be a step in the wrong direction if Facebook truly wants to be a free marketplace of ideas.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Fakebook is fake news.

  • Glorya S

    Based on the groups that Facebook has chosen (( and, this is a perfect example of the fox guarding the hen house!

    So, I guess in its current form, I can now expect that facts that correctly identify and contradict the militant agenda of forcing other’s beliefs on all of those who disagree with their ideology/agenda will be viewed as “fake news.”

    During this entire election season many have witnessed this already: by omission of contradictory evidence or exposés; by providing skewed/misleading information/data; by spouting out statements/”news” as facts WITHOUT corroboration evidence which has NOT been proven yet / if it can be proven at all–especially when the evidence is only taken from one side of the statement or argument; by NOT providing equal time to opposite arguments, ideas, or beliefs; AND by hypocritical, DOUBLE STANDARDS that allows the name calling and skewering of groups of people who oppose an idea by pushing to SILENCE &/or FINANCIAL penalize those who oppose their ideas and even promote criminal behavior by both paying for and NOT sincerely speaking out against these activities such as vandalism, arson, property destruction, theft, verbal and physical altercations against those who are of a different belief. This would NEVER be tolerated and all alarms would be blaring from megaphones if this was the behavior coming from those whom they currently oppose.

    What happened to what is good for the goose is good for the gander in politics? I guess it is another perfect example of do as I say, not as I do situation whereby it is only OKAY to do it, when I like what is being done or said but I’ll hurt, silence or destroy you if you go against me or my ideas mentality. Moreover, this behavior is bad whether Donald Trump, President Obama, Scott Baio, Robert De Niro, Rush Limbaugh, or George Soros does it—it is a form of bullying which is a form of mistreatment in my understanding.

    Don’t we all realize that THIS IS the reason why America was founded in the first place? It was so that people COULD HAVE DISAGREEING ideas or practices WITHOUT being imprisoned, murdered, or having their possessions taken from them by a dictator, a tyrant, an oligarchy or one-sided elitists.

    Living in a wimpy world where people’s feelings are hurt by having their ideas/views disagreed with is utterly absurd—it is ridiculous. It is truly sad to see all the disruptive shouting down rather than respectfully disagreeing or arguing another view point or choosing to courteously leaving a venue where ideas that oppose another’s views are being expressed or espoused. I believe this bad behavior speaks to the stupidity of those who are truly INTOLERANT when they claim that others are being intolerant.

    We all have choices to make every day, as long as people are NOT killing others, promoting violence, or mistreating people based on the 1964 Title VII discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin than can we simply agree to disagree rather than FORCING one set of views on the world!!!! People are going to make mistakes with their choices and HOPEFULLY learn from them but the political correctness mentality and one-side views is extremely silly and offensive when it limits other’s views or forces or attempts to force one’s opinions on everyone.

    This is again why Facebook’s CURRENT choices of organizations that will determine what is deemed “fake news” is bad practice and dishonest/unjust. Media outlets AND internet social media sources have created a monopoly far worse than MA Bell (AT&T) which was broken up in January 8, 1982 so that there could be competing prices, ideas, or whatever the currency that an organization uses to “sell” their product. One-sided ideas/”news” are BAD because it creates a “1984”—BIG BROTHER society which is leading sheep to the slaughter and approves of the death and destruction of individuality and of opposing ideas. Like in elections that need to be recounted, you have witnesses from differing parties to ensure the validity of the recount. Similarly Facebook should have “witnesses from different sides/views” to correctly determine what needs to be identified as fake news because true fake news can have devastating consequences on people, organizations, governments and businesses that are NOT involved or guilty of something or accredited for something that they haven’t done or said. Otherwise Facebook would be doing the same scandalous thing that the IRS did in holding up or preventing 501(c) applications based on the use of labeling or DISCRIMINATORY practices that we hear the cries of “foul” far too often in our society. If Facebook doesn’t balance their choices it will be like the judiciary branch legislating from their positions rather than upholding the laws created or not making a judgment because there is no law to address the issue.

  • Virginia Watson

    Facebook is turning into a big joke!! Last month they said they wanted to censor us so the Chinese would allow facebook in their country. We do not need any Chinese people here. Facebook is after sensoring the Conservatives like the mainstream media did during the election. People came to Facebook to get the truth which we share with our friends. The fake newssites were set up in foreign countries to smear Trump not because they hated him but to make their stock go up. There is a conflict of interest here on Facebook and it is centered around stock and adds. Like mainstream media they say whatever gets people riled up because that causes you to share stuff and then the fake news sites begin to run with it and twist it all around. Snoopes was the worst for helping Hillary, they came rushing to her aide everytime something daming was said but would never clear anything up with the smear campaigns against Trump. They and the media were taking sides with the liberals and now we have Facebook doing the same thing. George Soros is proof of that because he is the one who paid to have the voting booths reprogramed to change all votes to democrate. He is a crook and a devil, he paid thusands of people to riot after the election and there is nothing he will not do and he will stoop as low as necessary.


    Our nation will only be truly free when George Soros has been executed, dismembered and burned. Others have accomplished 2 out of 3 in the past, but he has been able to regenerate per Scripture and continue his enslavement of our great people. Well, now that Jesus has installed his faithful soldier TRUMP to lead us through the Rapture, we will finally be able to utilize our FULL arsenal of weapons (including small tactical nukes) to rid ourselves of the scourge of Soros. I am still researching, but I believe we will need to also kill, dismember and burn his offspring, wives, pets and mistresses in order to ensure that the Kingdom of G-d is in order for the Endtimes. I have been asked by a few members of 2nd Vote if they may rape and/or keep trophies from the bodies of our dead enemies, and the answer is generally “yes” with the exception of true demons (like Soros, Maher, Van Dyke, Fonda, Gingrich, Rather). Once the battle comes, it will be hard to remember certain rules regarding rape and maiming, that is understandable. But you MUST remember not to keep parts of demons. SO IT IS WRITTEN.