Follow The Money: Will NFL Owners Choose George Soros or Millions of Their Fans?

The National Football League is at it again. Just weeks after team owners and the league agreed to try to win back millions of fan by having players stand for the anthem, the NFL Players Association, the same organization 2ndVote exposed funding organizations tied to liberal billionaire George Soros, has forced the league to delay implementation of the rule. Via NPR:

They announced what they’re calling a standstill agreement. Now, last week, the union filed a grievance against the NFL’s new anthem policy. And as part of this standstill agreement, the union agreed to put the grievance on hold. Now, the NFL agreed to put its new policy on hold, meaning no new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced for the next several weeks. And what they’re doing – they’re doing this while they engage in what they call confidential discussions to try to resolve the issue.

To put it another way — the same players who are funneling $90 million from last year’s “settlement”/shakedown to left-wing activists have forced the owners back to the negotiating table. These are the team owners who saw a 10 percent drop in viewership last season, eight million fewer Super Bowl viewers this year, and advertisers threaten to leave.

From a purely business perspective, capitulating to the players is clearly a bad idea. The fans have identified the anthem protests for what they are: the promotion of a false narrative that America is a racist country. And they have made themselves heard loud and clear by simply tuning out. Will owners actually listen, and stand up to the political chicanery at work behind the anthem protests? Or will they continue to let themselves be shaken down by the activist players?

The answer should be obvious to any team owner: follow the money. The NFL Players Association is a left-wing activist group that financially supports other left-wing activist groups. The NFL’s fans are the league’s financial driver and represent a broad swath of America that turns to sport for what it is–entertainment, not politics.

They can only choose one.

  • Cheryl Detar

    I was born and raised in Pgh. and have always been a huge fan of football, going back to my high school days of Franco Harris and Terry Bradshaw. However, I have not watched a game, since Beyonce’ did her 1/2 time, NFL approved, BLM show.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      I know it’s not the same, but maybe you can still watch and keep up with college football…? At least until or unless they start doing this junk too.

  • James Bryson

    Even your lust for money can’t save you now.

    Thank you Goodell, team owners, and NFLPA for showing America who you are.

  • Nava Chana

    Hey, what a minute. I’m all for freedom of speech but on a correct platform. Let’s make it loud & clear we want entertainment NOT politics during football !

  • Bev

    I’ve been a Browns fan since the 80s, Kardiac Kids, Bernie Kosar years. Yes, I said the Browns! There WERE millions of us all across the country. The last thing they needed was to alienate their fans.
    I only watched a couple of the pre-season games last year and then the rhetoric started, hard and heavy. I tuned out, and won’t watch a game again until the players do their JOB and leave their POLITICS at home. I’m sure I hear about it when / IF it happens. Otherwise, my Sunday afternoons are free from the TV habit. ALL LIVES MATTER. Until they realize that and just PLAY FOOTBALL, they’ve lost the season already.