Google Rolls Out New Plan to Hide “Upsetting” or “Offensive” Content

Google’s new guidelines for flagging “upsetting” or “offensive” content should raise a few eyebrows given the company’s recent history and track record on the issues.

USA Today is reporting that Google’s “quality raters”, who are charged with scoring results from search queries, have been asked “to hunt for ‘Upsetting-Offensive’ content” in order to “steer people… to trustworthy websites and not to websites that engage in falsehoods or hate speech.”

While search accuracy is to be commended, is Google really a “trustworthy” arbiter of what constitutes “upsetting” content or is this just another way for Google to hide content it doesn’t like?

Last year, The Daily Wire reported that Google was apparently manipulating data to provide more positive search recommendations for searches about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Furthermore, Google’s liberal record on the issues indicates a very high level of corporate support for policy positions that conservatives likely oppose. At 2ndVote we’ve certainly seen how liberal tech companies can twist definitions and try to shut down ideas they don’t agree with. See how one such company tried to shut down our #AnywhereButTARGET campaign over Thanksgiving weekend for this very reason.

Do we really want Google deciding what type of content is “upsetting” or “offensive”? Use these links below to tell Google why their political positions make us think that bias could play a major role in how content is flagged and hidden.

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  • libsrtheh8ters

    Google left wing domestic terrorism, which has a long & sordid history in this country. Guess what, no mention of the bombings, the riots, the beatings, the death threats, the vandalism or murders perpetrated by leftist terrorists. However several results come up for right wing domestic terrorism, other than the atheist Tim McVeigh, cited as a Christian in most of the stories, & the few abortion doctor killings there has been no “right wing” terrorism in this country. Gee, do you think Google, a far left corporation with a far left CEO, will label every conservative blog & news site as promoting “hate” & “fake” news??

  • dmprisk

    Don’t use Google.

  • ducks

  • Jason Bulsa is better and plants trees; not Soros puppets.

  • Paul Raymond

    We’ll also need an alternative to YouTube, which is sadly run by Google. Google has already shown its bias by censoring Prager University.