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The Home Depot: Tools For The Left’s Agenda

The Home Depot is America’s largest hardware store. They’ll sell you everything you need to make Dad happy.

But while they’re selling you tools this Christmas shopping season, they’re using your money to be tools for the left’s agenda to strip you of religious liberty. Our research shows that Home Depot is an unequivocal backer of the Human Rights Campaign and at least two state business groups which oppose religious liberty for businesses.


Home Depot sponsored HRC’s Atlanta 2016 annual Gala. The HRC is the largest anti-religious freedom advocacy group.
Home Depot is a member of Georgia Prospers, which is a coalition of businesses opposing religious liberty.
Home Depot is a member of Equality South Dakota, which advocates for SOGI protections which violate religious liberty protections.
Home Depot received a score of 100 on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. See more on HRC’s position on religious liberty here.

Home Depot doesn’t stop at marriage and religious liberty as they bow to the left-wing agenda. They also back Girls, Inc., a group which supports abortion.

The good thing is that you don’t have to buy into Home Depot’s destruction of our national home. 2ndVote urges you to shop at Ace Hardware this Christmas. Ace Hardware is explicitly neutral on all of our issues. They even allow their stores to sell firearms!

Imagine that — a hardware store which respects your values as you buy Dad his favorite power tool. Talk about getting into the Christmas spirit!

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  • ChuckW

    Stopped shopping at Home Depot years ago when I found out they sponsored gay pride parades.

  • guest

    I go to LOWES if I need hardware or supplies.

  • chelsy

    I will only shop there now!

  • chelsy

    I will ONLY shop at Home Depot now!!!!

  • Pooua

    I was part of the mass boycott against Home Depot several years ago. The last I heard, they had backed down from their radicalism and stopped supporting the Gay Pride parades. Everything was supposed to be OK, now. I never did trust them, though, so I’ve continued taking my business to Lowe’s when I could.

  • Benny Blobsky

    Funny how these stores / businesses always talk American values but they don’t like to tell the truth…. They want the deplorables money…. So why don’t they tout their pro lib support??…. Gee I wonder… To the lib there is no truth it’s all situational…. The ends justifies the mean…

  • regulus724

    I will stop at HD for groceries if they support equal rights for ALL Americans. The arrogance of people who think they are better than gays is asinine. I’m a white, cis, heterosexual, male, atheist (ie. I have some common sense and decency.)

  • Justin Seine

    I have real difficulty understanding why some of the biggest beneficiaries of capitalism are outwardly behaving like hardcore socialists while they covertly stuff their own pockets. Apparently they are CIPO’s. Capitalists In Practice Only!

  • Gr8Day 2Play

    So what I do is look at every store you say don’t shop at, then go directly there to spend money, and then for every store you say to shop at, I go somewhere else. Your racist, white supremacy, exclusionist, hatred is what’s wrong with this country. And your leader, Corporal Spanky Bonespur Play In The Russian Whore Urine keeps inching his way towards impeachment. The next month or two is going to be so much fun watching him crash and burn. Cohen, Flynn, Manafort, Stone, not to mention his stupid offspring and son-in-legal trouble, et al…all those high quality people that he has surrounded himself with, are all bailing on him. I think we’re up to about 50 indictments now? MAGA baby. More like MAGGOTS.