L.A. Times “Surprised” When Liberal Celebrities Politicize Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Apparently, no one sent the L.A. Times a copy of the guest list for Tuesday night’s celebrity telethon.

In an article covering the “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” event for recovery efforts in Florida and the Houston area, the paper appears shocked the likes of George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, or Beyoncé would turn a charity fundraiser into a platform for political statements:

Here, it was President Trump’s controversial views on immigration and climate change that served as a surprising subtext for the standard do-gooder messaging and the calls for viewers to donate money to folks in desperate need.

Surprising? Anyone who remembers Kanye West’s “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” claim at a similar event in the wake of Hurricane Katrina should not be surprised. Neither should anyone who remembers Beyoncé’s racially charged homage to Black Lives Matter, Malcom X, and the Black Panthers during last year’s Super Bowl.

During a video recorded for “Hand in Hand,” Beyoncé had her own Michelle Obama “proud of my country for the first time” moment because of people actually helping others without regard to race:

Seeing everyone of different racial, social and religious backgrounds put their own lives at risk to help each other survive, restored my faith in humanity.

Failing to observe her own role in promoting the narrative of racial division, the singer then turned environmental activist:

The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. Just this past week, we’ve seen devastation from the monsoon in India and 8.1 earthquake in Mexico and multiple catastrophic hurricanes.

Unlike 2005, Kanye West was not on hand to go off script. However, Steve Wonder, did kick off the event with a lecture saying:

Anyone who believes that there’s no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.

Not exactly “standard do-gooder messaging” as the L.A. Times would put it.

Regardless, “Hand in Hand” has raised over $44 million for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma since airing Tuesday night. Millions in Florida and Houston still face a long road to recovery and there are several organizations that are providing assistance without the politics. 2ndVote encourages our readers to consider making your donations to organizations that best reflect your values. Here is a list of some of the best options:

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services 
Knights of Columbus Disaster Relief
Samaritan’s Purse International Relief
Rotary International

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  • Paul Raymond

    How does “man made climate change” cause earthquakes again?

    • Bev

      You’ll have to ask Al Gore. He’s the one with the TRULY Inconvenient Truth, that his projections that Florida would already be gone – covered by the ocean – and the same with CA. None of his Inconvenient Truths came true!

      • Jeff Martin

        I’m still waiting for that “ice age” that was coming!! Man made climate change is lies and manipulated data!! Follow the money!! Who gets rich?? Al Gore did!!

    • fight4liberty

      Because it causes all the global warming nazis to jump up and down screaming so much that it puts an ungodly amount of pressure on the faults. Equally impressive, while NASA and NOAA have indicated no correlation between climate change and hurricane strength or numbers, there are suggestions that the global warming nazis’ hot air is creating a warm air mass of epic proportions.

    • PC Bob

      I thought it was Trumps fault?

  • Bob Adome

    The money came from ‘actors’ guilt, for having such opulent lifestyles. Carbon footprints that need to be offset by working people.

  • fight4liberty

    I refuse to watch any of the awards shows, any telethons, any Hollywood group gropes, etc because they have all become exercises in leftist group think. And I sure wouldn’t give any money to them as who knows where the money is really going to (Planned Parenthood of Houston?). And $44 million sounds like a lot, but the Hollywood activists listed could have written that much in personal checks and not even noticed the dent in the wallet. ….. And while they whine about climate change, I bet they each used more hydrocarbons getting to the event than the average worker does in a week. … That big fight for immigration is so they can keep their low wage personal staff.

    • You won’t find much leftist rhetoric on country music awards shows. They know that many of their fans won’t put up with it!

  • RealAmerican407

    From now on every storm, tsunami and earthquake will be attributed a change in weather. Of course they can never explain exactly how and just point the finger at Trump. Someone should tell them that Obama’s climate change policies of the last 8 years are still in effect.

  • PC Bob

    Steve Wonder said; “Anyone who believes that there’s no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.” Someone tell me HOW he saw the numbers and the ‘proof’, since he IS blind! As for being unintelligent, well, I’ll leave that for someone else to determine.

    • PC Bob

      Also, not only are these ‘celebrities’ trying to tell us that they are experts in politics and social matters, but now they claim scientific expertise, too? Give me a break!

    • The question isn’t whether global warming is happening – it clearly is – but the extent to which human activity is causing it.

  • scientists and globalists have long been in cahoots to nail the working man. now that it’s out in the open, the chemtrail/weather machine cartel is moving to create mass suffering until the working man is driven to his knees and forced to fellate s-t-n.