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Land of the Left: Where Even A Great Employee Perk May Become Illegal

San Francisco, California is headquarters to some of America’s top technology companies. It is also one of the nation’s most liberal cities.

This combination should make San Francisco one of the nation’s most affordable and best-living cities, in line with espoused liberal values. Instead, it is among the most expensive and home to major health issues such as streets covered in human feces and discarded needles.

One would hope that the wokest of woke cities would have public officials eager to solve these problems before tackling more minor issues. Instead, city officials are considering a ban on company cafeterias because free food for employees eats into the profit margins of city restaurants.

Via Fox Business:

The city currently has 51 tech companies that offer free lunch to their employees every day, but new companies shouldn’t be expecting the same perk.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is looking to ban tech companies from building new cafeterias that will offer their workers free food.

The board’s interest in such a ban comes on the heels of local restaurants struggling to keep steady business coming in and some restaurant owners having regrets about opening shop in that area, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

To reiterate:

1. San Francisco has enormous cost-of-living, and human health issues.

2. Tech companies offer a great company perk.

3. The city wants to stop this company perk because some businesses are having difficulty staying open.

4. The cost-of-living and human health issues remain unaddressed.

We’re not sure whether to cry or laugh over this. Tech companies are among the “wokest” in the world, and many of them have significant operations in San Francisco. Twitter and, for just two examples, are headquartered in San Francisco. Many tech companies have even bellied up to the leftist totalitarian table, demanding that religious liberty be scrapped in exchange for the LGBT agenda.

But none of that was enough to avoid ire in one of America’s most liberal cities. Spending company money to provide a great employee perk so staff has a better work experience and saves money — all part of alleged liberal values! — is just not good enough in San Francisco. Ironically, business interests trump middle-class workers.

It looks like The Babylon Bee was right — you either die young, or live long enough to become the enemy of leftists.

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  • ‘V’

    F’ing libtards! THIS is why we call that state Commiefornia! Their priorities are all ass backwards! Restaurants who can’t muster up enough business-likely due to people not wanting to eat w/in the sniffing distance of the putrid filth of bodily waste polluting the streets there, so, penalize their would-be customers for eating at work for free, & but don’t clean up your filthy city, & get rid of the illegal parasites living there! Instead violate the constitutional rights of these companies to offer their employees lunch or dinner for free at their workplace, by forcing them to not be allowed to offer this & make the employees spend extra $ for eating whilst at work every day!!

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Sounds like the city government is more neo-conservative: left on social issues but crony-capitalist when it comes to the economy.

  • mprichmond

    I love reading stories about San Francisco idiocy. The quicker that city collapses under the weight of its own foolishness the better. Gee, I don’t suppose the struggles of the restaurants have anything to do with the recent mandated hike in the minimum wage to $15/hour. When will these hand-wringing, interventionist, anti-free-market libtards learn?