Support The Salvation Army and Knights of Columbus in Their Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

In the midst of unspeakable tragedies is when we see Americans at their best.

Over the past few days the “Cajun Navy” has deployed from Louisiana into the flooded streets of Houston, even as waters were still rising. From Missouri, Bass Pro Shops has sent boats from their inventory to Texas and Anheuser-Busch paused production at a plant to can emergency drinking water. This country always mobilizes when disaster strikes.

Many charitable organizations need your donations this week to sustain rescue and recovery efforts. 2ndVote encourages our Members to support The Salvation Army and Knights of Columbus.

Both of these organizations have records of affirming Pro-life values and traditional marriage. While many charities partner with or help fund organizations like Planned Parenthood, our research shows The Salvation Army and Knights of Columbus will not use your donations in support of a political agenda against conservative values. Knights of Columbus is also an advocate for school choice.

Use these links to make your donations to The Salvation Army and Knights of Columbus for Hurricane Harvey relief:

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  • John Kness

    Warning 2nd Vote!!! The Salvation Army supports abortion and contraception.

    • MJ Cordero

      Sadly true. It makes me look like a jerk to avoid the bell ringers at Christmas but at least I know I’m supporting life for the unborn and not corruption.