CNN’s Parent Company Continues its Support of Trump-as-Julius Caesar Assassination Play

Earlier this week, Delta Airlines and Bank of America withdrew financial support from a controversial adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that appears to depict assassination of President Donald Trump.

However, Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of Time Warner, which happens to be parent company of CNN, said his company will continue to sponsor the Public Theater, the organization responsible for producing the re-imagination of Caesar as a Trump look-alike.

At Time Warner’s shareholder meeting this week, Bewkes said:

“So a couple of facts of what our involvement is… we don’t support the plays or the productions of the public theater and we are not providing individual support of the production… what we do support is a program for young people and emerging artists.

We don’t have a role in influencing which productions they select or how they stage those… The point of the play is one that has been debated for probably 400 years. It’s not one that advocates… the killing of Caesar… But again, we don’t fund this. We are certainly not going to drop our support of public theater.

However, The Daily Caller reports Bewkes also faced considerable heat at the annual meeting regarding CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration with one shareholder saying:

Mr. Bewkes, we have urged you many times to make CNN more objective. You have admitted to us in 2014 the need for more balance. We praised you last year after CNN President Jeffrey Zucker also acknowledged this and acted on the need for more diverse views. But bias is apparently worse than ever. As shareholders, we are concerned about the repetitional risk to our investment in Time Warner as CNN appears to be a key player in the war against the Trump presidency.

Our scorepage for Time Warner contains more background on where this company stands on the issues. We’ve documented where this company has supported liberal LGBT advocacy organizations like GLAAD and has even funded liberal immigration organizations like LULAC and La Raza that lobby for sanctuary city policies.

What do you think? Is Bewkes’s defense of Time Warner’s support for the Public Theater satisfactory? Or should Time Warner change its position given the current political climate and the tragic events of this week?

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  • John

    If I remember correctly, the planning, threatening, advocating, or supporting the assassination of a president, can be ,or, are crimes and can awaken the interest of the secrete service or the F.B.I.. Might Time Warner be considered an accessory to a crime?

  • James Bryson

    Time Warner does have a responsibility to act in the public’s interest. Failure to withdraw your support is a failure of leadership and judgment.

    Just for the record that bureaucratic explanation (in the article above) of how you were not responsible for the content of this vile “assassination play” was cowardly and pedantic. Well done TW.

  • james pence

    Sorry ass excuse and company. Support our elected President, Time Warner. The working half of America voted him in. Get over it you pathetic communist losers.

  • jjay537

    I would hope to see CNN provide positive artistic support of a modernized version of Shakespeare’s “Henry V” with an Obama looking and sounding character in the roll of a bafoonish Bardolf. He could be seen running around reading his lines, with appropriate accent, off a teleprompter while his wife (a new character with flabby bat wings) reminds everyone to eat better. Bardolf’s lines will cause all to laugh at him with the exception of a following of courtiers all wearing “press” identification and chattering about how brilliant he is. Eventually Bardolf is found to be receiving bribes and paying court funds to his supporters so he is convicted and hung.

    Just good clean fun at the theater. I know I would laugh at it – mostly the fools in the press core slobbering all over themselves.

    Think CNN would still continue their double standard, hatred spewing, bias reporting we have all seen? Only idiots get their news from any of the leftist media outlets. I would enjoy seeing them being investigated and in imprisoned – another reason to laugh.