Unilever’s Evolving Definitions of “Motherhood” and “Fatherhood”

According to Unilever, the 2017 rewrite of Heather Has Two Mommies should be titled Heather Has a Mommy and a “Mommy” Who Is Also Her Biological Father.

The new #RealMoms campaign for Unilever’s personal care brand Dove launched with a YouTube video featuring “diverse parenting styles” of various mothers and Shae the “grad student.” We are told Shae, who was born a man, and the woman next to him are the biological parents of the child with them. However, Shae unhesitatingly tells the camera, “We’re both gonna be moms.”

To recap, Dove’s ad about motherhood features a man who identifies as the “mom” of his biological child instead of the actual mother of that child.

But, not surprisingly, virtue signaling has no sense of shame or irony.

Dove’s #RealStrength homage to the critical role of fathers to promote the brand’s Men+Care product line was one of 2015’s highest rated Super Bowl ads was. And rightfully so, the ad tugged at the heartstrings. Moreover, the positive affirmation of fatherhood resonates, especially as broad swath of ideological, socioeconomic, religious, and racial backgrounds share a common recognition of the societal ills that stem from father absence.

Sadly, Dove’s motherhood/fatherhood confusion cheapens and distorts the very narrative about parenting their ads are trying to portray. Insinuating that a man can be a mother or a father based on how that man “identifies” takes the exclusive strengths men and women bring to childrearing and reduces their roles to a non-complementary “Parent 1/Parent 2” partnership.

The result of Dove’s rhetorical divergence is the total loss of pathos. The attempt to evoke an emotional response is rendered meaningless by the contradiction that only serves for signaling solidarity with the left’s most current social justice cause célèbre.

Through Dove’s marketing campaign, Unilever is illustrating how virtue signaling and identity politics overshadow basic values and linear logic in this new culture war battlefront. The left has transitioned from redefining the roles of men and women in marriage to redefining the actual meanings of “male” and “female” and the attributes that go with them.

Unilever’s role in enabling this radical gender upheaval, however, goes beyond ad campaigns. In fact, Unilever has partnered with the Human Rights Campaign to endorse legislation that would create special accommodations on the basis sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) at the federal level. Furthermore, at the left’s bidding, Unilever has lobbied against RFRA-type legislation in three states that would protect business owners from LGBT activists who use these accommodation mandates to persecute business owners for standing against the left’s redefinitions of marriage and gender.

This is why the fight in the modern culture wars extends beyond the ballot box and the courts. Conservatives have a real opportunity to influence the policy debate by engaging and, when necessary, holding companies like Unilever and Target accountable for their promotion of the LGBT left’s agenda.

More background on this story can be found at American Lens and HeatStreet.

To reach out to Unilever directly and learn more about this company’s policy positions, visit our scorepage here.

  • sascha11

    No move Dove for me !!!!

    • Martha

      I’d like to say that, but unilever has their name on so much! I’ll have to check labels.

      • rvandegrift

        P&G, too! I boycott them as much as I can.

    • PeriMedic

      I, too, would like to say that, but I can’t. I’ve come to realize that there are so many products and services that we use and need which are produced/provided by monolithic companies and even smaller, ubiquitous providers, that keeping track of them all is much too time consuming, for one thing. I am exhausted avoiding this, that, and everything else. And it gets to a point where I would be on the edge of having to cleaning my laundry with a stone in a creek, and shearing my own sheep, et cetera, to hand-make my own clothes. I can do the simple things, like avoid Target because I live in the suburbs and I can just walk into the grocery store or go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for what I can get there. I can get coffee drinks at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts. But that’s about it for me. I also want to enjoy life and not be obsessed by it all, and religiously avoiding places was stressing me out. And even when looking at some of the companies, I see they get an A for abortion and an F for 2nd amendment, for example. Which is more important to me??? Decisions, decisions. I love 2nd vote and like to keep informed, but I can’t always live by it.

  • anyone ever notice that their lotion bottle nozzles are designed to fit neatly into rectums? get kids used to the feeling of lotion squirting up their business to ease their transition into slaves of satan and his barbed flesh wand. “unilever” is also dutch for “united in service of evil”. so tired of the gay agenda being presented as if its not also satan’s.

  • Mark Keating

    The guy thinks he is a mom but he is not he is the father period. It’s just as important to be a good father as it is to be a good mother.

  • TM McKeny

    What happens when one or both of Heather’s mommies decided she identified as male now?

  • PeriMedic

    I really am amazed at the culture’s drift toward the encouragement of mental illness. It is one thing to “tolerate” (meaning here to not be cruel to such people, and to try to help them) people who aren’t accepting of their scientific, natural, biological sex, and it is another to tell them that there is nothing wrong with them and encourage their delusions. If a person is anorexic, and sees her skin and bones as fat, we don’t tell them, “Yes, go ahead and diet if it makes you feel better about yourself. Your body is what you say it is, not what it really is.” We don’t tell the schizophrenic that there really are invisible people talking to him. In each case we treat them to get them to accept reality. SMH.

    • Spectrum
    • glenbo

      >>”I really am amazed at the culture’s drift toward the encouragement of mental illness.”<<
      Do you thing anyone who is LGBT has a "mental illness?"

      • PeriMedic

        Trans? Yes.

        • glenbo

          >>”Trans? Yes.”<<
          Aren't people with mental illnesses protected?

          • PeriMedic

            Depends on what you meanby protected. Protected from being treated cruelly–yes. See my comment. Protected by telling them there is nothing amiss with their failure to accept science, biology, and nature? No. We should help them cope with reality, just like the anorexic, clinically depressed, schizophrenic, et cetera. We dont tell the depressed person it is OK to kill themselves, or cut themselves because it makes them happy. We dont sell the cutter a designer razor blade to show how tolerant we are of their “need”. We get them therapy and or medications to help them understand, heal, or balance the chemicals in their brains. The suicide rate is very high for post surgery transsexuals. They find it didnt make them happy. Their issues are deeper. Enabling is not the solution.

          • glenbo

            >>”Protected from being treated cruelly–yes. “<<
            So trans people are "mentally ill," but not ill enough to warrant protection? Just "sick" enough to be discriminated against, demonized, disdained and rejected, but not "ill" enough to be deserving of any rights and protections. Sorry, not according to the ADA.
            You come off as a bigot.

          • PeriMedic

            If you say so. Now I will go take my Xanax and Cymbalta for my panic attacks and chronic major depression (mental illnesses), and finish reading my Germaine Greer and Camile Paglia books (hard core feminists, one gay, who believe no one can claim to be a woman who hasnt bled and cramped every 4 weeks, had pap smears, mammograms, been sexually assaulted, harassed, and discriminated against). It doesn’t bother me that you personally attack an educated, mentally ill person like me (I guess making you a bigot, too). And I am not protected by the ADA for whatever I want: there are a multitude of things and jobs I am not allowed to do, and some politicians want to take away more from me, like the right to own a firearm, which is a Constitutional right. What bathroom you use is not a Constitutional right. But if ADA applies to being trans, like you say, that is an acknowledgement it is not normal–its an illness or affliction. Which is exactly what I said. Nevertheless, ADA is not a blank check. Ask a lawyer. Godspeed.

          • glenbo

            Umm…you kind of rambled on here. Perhaps if I go back to a previous comment you made, you can help me understand what your understanding of what it is to be transgender, okay? PLEASE take your meds BEFORE you post your reply this time, and perhaps…just maybe…we can have a cogent conversation, okay?


            In your previous post, you said this:
            >>”Their issues are deeper. Enabling is not the solution.”<<
            So I have three simple questions:
            1) Exactly what is being "enabled?"
            2) Do you truly understand what gender dysphoria is?
            3) Where are you getting your knowledge of gender dysphoria from?

          • PeriMedic

            I will agree; in retrospect, I did ramble :). Here is my primary source:

            Enabling is creating lesson plans for children in school that teach it is normal (rather than teachers addressing the issue as it may occur to avoid bullying), instead of leaving that education to parents; and designing advertising which encourages a cultural attitude that it is not a dysmorphia, but a natural and normal difference between people, like nationality is.

          • glenbo

            The ACP? Are you joking?
            OH MY GAWD!!!
            The ACP is NOT SCIENCE.
            Perhaps you can provide one, just one LIGITIMATE scientific source that agrees with the anti-LGBT religious-right-wing-bigoted ACP. Just one. You won’t.
            I must rephrase my previous post:
            You are a Christian bigot.
            A bigot who is grossly misinformed.

          • PeriMedic

            Actually, I lean Buddhist. Here’s a study where 60 percent of children studied were GID in childhood, and only 12 percent were when reaching their 20s, demonstrating it is a phase for most children who say they are the wrong sex. So such a person should not be acknowledged as GID until adulthood. My problem with this study, though, is the size of the sample, although it is possible to get valid data from small samples, depending on your statistical methods. Anyway, you love your family members who are one form or another LGBT designation, and you should, and I love my 2 gay friends and adore my lesbian therapist. I don’t know any trans people, only one of the clerks at my Sephora, who is a nice person.

            However, I’m not getting paid to be a debater, and probably, neither are you. Nor are we legislators, with the power to make policy (again, I assume). So there’s not much to be gained here by point-counterpoint, searching the internet, and labeling/name calling. Best wishes and good luck on your quest to promote understanding for your loved ones.

          • glenbo

            >>”demonstrating it is a phase for most children who say they are the wrong sex”<<
            "Most." What about the rest?
            Since you have no understanding of what it is to be transgender and you obviously don't know anyone who is trans and get your "knowledge" from anti-LGBT bigoted religion-based junk science, you have no business attempting to be an any kind of authority on the subject.
            I'm guessing you are against same-sex marriage.

          • We The People

            Be careful. Anything with logic and intelligence with confuse and frustrate. Then calls YOU a bigot. Amazing deflection.

          • glenbo

            >>”Anything with logic and intelligence”<<
            What is the "logic and intelligence" in being against an entire demographic group?
            How is being anti-LGBT and against LGBT rights not bigotry?
            What is the rationale in denying gay people the right to marry?
            How is that not bigotry?

          • glenbo

            What do you know about gender dysphoria?
            Where do you get your knowledge about gender dysphoria?

          • Spectrum

            You appear to agree that they’re mentally ill. In that case, you can include yourself as a bigot. You’re setting the ground rules.

          • glenbo

            >>”You appear to agree that they’re mentally ill.”<<

            This was a trick question. Every time I ask it to anyone who says LGBT people are "mentally ill" (contrary to actual medical science) I get the exact same response.

            They all stop short of the disability thing, and they all use my question to tell me I "admit" LGBT people are mentally ill.
            Thank you for falling for it. You just proved your hypocritical ignorance and hate-filled agenda.

            Your typical expected answer proves you to be nothing more than a bigot who is disingenuous, heartless, hateful and manipulative.

          • Spectrum

            I knew it was what is known as a “sucker question”. I was indulging you. And your reaction to my doing that, showed what you are. If you want to defend perversion, unhealthy dangerous sexual behaviours and emotionally confused oddballs, then that’s your prerogative. But don’t indoctrinate the straight majority and more importantly, our KIDS – with it.

          • glenbo

            >>”If you want to defend perversion, unhealthy dangerous sexual behaviours and emotionally confused oddballs, then that’s your prerogative”<<

            You think I'm gay? What makes you think I'm gay? Simply because I support LGBT rights? You have grossly misjudged me.
            I am heterosexually married with 2 kids. I have relatives, friends, employees, clients and neighbors who are LGBT.
            Has your hatred of LGBT people corrupted your ability to judge the character of others as you just did me?
            Hmm…you must be a Christian.*
            *Note to Christians…I'm not saying that all Christians are judgmental intolerant hateful misinformed bigots…just that most judgmental intolerant hateful misinformed bigots are almost always Christians.

          • Spectrum

            Where did I say you personally were “gay” ? I didn’t. But whether you are or not is immaterial. I said, and you clearly are, DEFENDING those LGBT types. Which means, as I also said, that you are in favour of perversion in the guise of “rights”.

            You really aren’t informed enough. What’s worse is that you’re not willing to see that the gay activist organisations are manipulating public opinion into accepting the normalising of homosexuality. They have stated this to be their goal. As one of the articles I linked you to explains ( but which you think is “demonising” ).

            You have a closed mind to what is happening. As the article(s ) also explain – the numerous gay characters in T.V. shows, movies e.t.c. are no accident. The scripts and storylines are purposefully written to include them in it. Is there a show nowdays that doesn’t have gays kissing in it, or other erotic scenes ? This was but one small part of a strategy devised back in the eighties, using proven psychological techniques – as developed by two MARKETING EXPERTS – to persuade the straight majority to see them as ordinary likeable persons and not focus on what they actually DO. Many gays are actually likeable persons. But that isn’t the issue. It’s what they’re subliminally and now OPENLY promoting, that is morally wrong.

            Look on Amazon for example, and you’ll find many books written by serious researchers ( many of which are not religious ) who have studied this agenda. I could link you to one such book, but you’re not willing to open your eyes, because YOU as a heterosexual, have been the INTENDED target of that very same agenda. You just don’t realise it.

            You apparently have no regard for God or what He explicitly has stated on this matter. This, apart from the obvious health dangers from homosexual activities – check the CDC statistics for proof.

            And by the way, it is not necessary to be exclusively Christian to oppose homosexual depravity. Other religions do too. And also people who are not religious AT ALL, but merely stay silent about it. And who can blame them, what with how anyone who exercises their free speech to disagree with it, is immediately attacked, driven out of business e.t.c. THAT’S true demonisation.

          • Spectrum

            If we used that kind of criteria then there wouldn’t be enough institutions to hold all the leftists……

      • We The People

        They ALL have mental illness.

        • glenbo

          >>”They ALL have mental illness.”<<

          Then they are to be protected as per the ADA. (Americans with Disabilities Act)
          The ADA requires anyone with a mental illness to be constitutionally protected.
          So in essence, by your statement, you agree that "ALL" LGBT people deserve constitutional protections under the ADA.

          • Spectrum

            The law doesn’t protect perversion. Until the Supreme Court officially made it so.

          • glenbo

            >>”The law doesn’t protect perversion.”<<
            What is with your obsession with what 2 consenting adults do with their genitalia?
            That's way too creepy.
            What others do in bed is none of your business.

  • James Bryson

    What a crock of LGBTQxyz!

  • glenbo

    >>”To recap, Dove’s ad about motherhood features a man
    who identifies as the “mom” of his biological child instead of the actual mother
    of that child.”<>”The result of Dove’s rhetorical divergence is the
    total loss of pathos.”<>”The attempt to evoke an emotional response is
    rendered meaningless by the contradiction that only serves for signaling
    solidarity with the left’s most current social justice cause célèbre.”<>”holding companies like Unilever and Target
    accountable for their promotion of the LGBT left’s agenda.”<<

    And this “agenda” is????

    • Spectrum
      • glenbo

        >>”You’re one of the few who aren’t aware that there’s an agenda ?”<<
        Still waiting for you or anyone to give me a simple rational answer, not a heap of demonizing propaganda.
        Still waiting…

        • Spectrum

          You asked “What agenda” ? I’ve given you plenty to digest. If you’re not hungry enough for the truth, then starve. What do I care ?

          • glenbo

            >>”I’ve given you plenty to digest. “<<
            Thank you for admitting there is no "gay agenda."

          • Spectrum

            Thankyou for visiting us in the real world occasionally. Back you go to your alternate reality now…..

          • glenbo

            You said:
            >>”Many gays are actually likeable persons. But that
            isn’t the issue. It’s what they’re subliminally and now OPENLY promoting, that is morally wrong.”<<

            Morally “wrong” by who’s moral standards? God’s? Why it is “wrong?” Working on the Sabbath is also “morally wrong,” (4th Commandment) but I don’t see any Christians protesting at Walmart every Sunday.

            You obviously don’t know a single LGBT person. I know MANY. But I can see why you don’t know any by judging where you get your information from. Disgusting.

            NONE of the LGBT people I know resemble the distorted
            picture you are attempting to paint. None are “promoting” anything. They only want the same rights you and I enjoy and want to be left alone. You would see
            this clearly if you actually KNEW a single LGBT person as I do.
            Your “love” has obviously been corrupted by religion and religion only. If your God has issues, take it up with Him. But please leave my family and friends out of your religion driven bigoted hate. You gain nothing
            doing this, but spread destruction around you. To impose your religious ideology upon others for no logical/rational reason equates you with fundamental Islamic terrorists who feel the same way you do about those their non-existent imaginary “god” has taught them to despise. And by posting the vile crap you
            do, your “beliefs” and “opinions” become negative behavior/actions with the sole intent to harm innocent people that even you don’t know why your chosen
            imaginary God hates.

            The sexual desires and behaviors of others is none of your business. And if you think LGBT people offend God, well that’s between them and God. It’s none of your business. LGBT people aren’t trying to force “normal
            thinking persons to comply with their faulty thinking.” It’s not faulty thinking to them…again, if you KNEW even one you would know, but your mind has been poisoned by religion. LGBT people have NOT affected YOUR life.

            There are so many real problems in this world worthy of your attention, for example, 20,000 children die every day in this world. Your time and energy would be best utilized if you concentrated on saving a few lives, as
            I do with contributions to UNICEF and WHO. But to attack innocent hard working honest tax-paying citizens only because of what they do in bed in the privacy of their homes only because some idiot convinced you it hurts God’s feelings who turns his back on 20,000 innocent children every day? Creepy and a waste of
            time and energy.

            Please try to accomplish something positive and constructive in your life instead of fixating on what total strangers do with their private parts. That’s just way too creepy. And you aren’t accomplishing anything but
            hurting others you will never meet with your hate…many of whom are trying to raise children.

            When you pass hate off as God’s “love” you give religion and your God a black eye. And for what purpose?
            What do you actually accomplish? Nothing.

          • Spectrum

            I was directing your attention to the numerous LGBT activist groups and organisations who aggressively promote their indoctrination upon the public dressed up as rights and equality. And actively pursue any and all who won’t toe the politically correct line. Again, this is lost on you because you prefer to remain blissfully ignorant, believing that there is no long term plan being implemented to condition straights like you into believing what you do. This is the case even if you leave the religious objections aside.

            Individual gays are mostly unaware that they are being manipulated too, just as the specifically targeted straights are. But even you, despite your blindness, must have noticed something is going on ? You don’t need to take my word for it. If you genuinely wanted to know what’s happening you would have researched for yourself based on the sources I have supplied. But you refuse to accept anything, as you have been conditioned into defending the very agenda that is socially engineering our society into a Godless socialist “utopia”* ( * look up the term “cultural marxism” if you can be bothered ).

            But why would you care about living under that ? You’re an atheist, unsurprisingly. There is no absolute truths for them. Everything is relative. Nothing is right or wrong, only what you FEEL to be right or wrong. A recipe for social decay and chaos. That’s what we are seeing today. And evidently many agree with me ;


    • Spectrum

      “…..the man dressed as a woman said: “We’re BOTH going to be his

      You honestly can’t see the stupidity inherent in that statement ?

      ( clue ) “the man dressed AS a woman”.

      • glenbo

        How strangers raise their children is none of your business.

        • Spectrum

          It is our business when the LGBT activists expect normal thinking persons to comply with their faulty thinking, under the threat of legal penalties if we don’t.

          Question ; Does a man dressing AS a woman, make him a real woman ?

          No of course not. It makes him delusional into believing that he is. And equally so for anyone who goes along with this charade. You are NOT WHAT YOU FEEL like being. You are what God – via human biology, MADE YOU AS. That cannot and does not change. No matter how much hormone treatment and surgery you have. A delusion is also….wait for it….a MENTAL ILLNESS.

          And it follows then, that it also cannot and does not, make you a mother either ! That’s plain common sense, no matter what you and he and the loony left thinks SHOULD be the case.

          Wow, have you fallen for that left’s gender / reality bending propaganda.

  • We The People

    They make it so easy to choose which corporations to NOT give my money to. It should be called the “Target Syndrome”.