Viewership for NFL Opener Down 13%

If the ratings from Thursday night’s regular season opener are any indication, fans of the National Football League are voting with their remote controls and tuning out as controversial national anthem protests continue into the 2017 season.

For the first time in five years, less that 25 million viewers tuned in for the first game of the season. In fact, the 21.8 million to watch last week’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots on NBC represents a 13% drop from the 2016 opener.

The Daily Wire writes:

A 2016 poll from Yahoo Sports revealed that 44% of NFL fans would give up watching professional football altogether if more players followed in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps by disrespecting the flag.

The ratings from games played on Sunday, the first full day of the regular season, are still outstanding due to delays caused by Hurricane Irma. However, Thursday night’s ratings appear to show fans are standing by the poll results.

Could it be that sports fans just want to see sports and not politics? The NFL should be paying attention to the problems faced by ESPN as general sports fans are tuning out from the cable giant as well. Getting involved in legislative battles and issuing threats to the State of Texas over transgender bathroom policies earlier this year, for example, certainly doesn’t make the NFL appear neutral on the issues.

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  • Hawkeye249

    Readers – football addicts (include me) could focus on college games …
    Also, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs
    have both Directed players to stand for the national anthem or they are off their respective team.
    Therefore, watching games they’re playing would register positively in team statistics while
    having minimal negative impact in overall statistics.

  • hosschisom



    I am NOT selling anything nor do I care about notoriety, hits, follows or likes. No pop-ups, no games. This is about protest and winning. The absolute bringing to its knees the leftist ESPN, NFL, NBA, and now the NHL.

    You can apply my guide to Hollywood/MSM too. Here is that guide also on the wordpress page:

    However, read the ESPN/NFL/NBA/NHL boycott guide first and use it, now.

    Wrote this page –> in 2013 after John Skipper, the communist Clintonista who runs ESPN, called the cops on me in Islamorada (it got hammered by Irma in the ocean-side, HAMMERED) and told them I was a terrorist in 2013 after I wrote the letter (at the bottom) of this Boycott Guide.

    I wrote the guide soon after that cowardly jerk called the cops. Skipper’s response is at the bottom of this post too.

    READ/USE –>

    This is the 3-step guide I wrote in case you feel lazy/uneasy about opening the page. But I hope you read/follow my 2013 letter and the guide fully.

    Again, I am selling NOTHING and want NOTHING.

    Remember, you are not only boycotting the athletes, sports and networks, but you must BOYCOTT the advertisers.

    Just use this easy three-step guide below of “do nothing steps” and you will break the back of the NHL, NFL, NBA and ESPN within one fiscal year:

    1) Feel free to watch any *game on any pirate streaming channel-not ESPN, or the NFL/NHL/NBA cable or streaming network. But also try it on CC, no volume, playing your favorite songs instead. Just for giggles. For the sake of Lord Jesus, how much sound do you need to follow an American football or NBA game ? These morons aren’t exactly bringing the coleslaw to the M.E.N.S.A. picnic !

    *Use just do not gamble. Use the European preferred platforms if you see a commercial it will NOT be an American advertiser.

    2) If you are at a bar, or friend’s home, make mental or written note of which major commercials played. Especially those that repeat in the course of the game.

    3) Do NOT patronize, in any manner — especially impulse or point-of-purchase — any of the products or companies advertised for
    at least this fall season. Infact, research and find out the competitor NOT owned by the parent company and buy their products.

    Call the advertisers and tell them what you are doing !

    Just say no.

    Tell everyone what you are doing as a person and group, and pass these three steps along to all your like-thinking friends.

    Here was ESPN and that bastard John Skipper’s craven response to my boycott threat that I have followed through on.

    This is at the bottom of the Calconco page, right after you read my letter THREATENING to start a nationwide boycott of ESPN, Disney (parent) et al.

    [Epilog: 9:30. Same day. We had just come back from pulling props and the cops were waiting for me ! ESPN’s manly response? Skipper called the police and told them I was making a terrorist threat. They sent the police to my door within one hour!! Luckily, the cop knew me [we repair his boat and he was once a 1st mate]and we LoL (as I popped a cold brew) at my referring to ESPN once as “sucking the sweat off a dead pygmy’s rotting, elephantiasis-engorged, canker-covered, maggot-filled, leprosy-ridden scrotal sack.” Apologies to dead pygmies.]

  • Unforgotten27

    I’m glad that Dallas & KC Chiefs, (My Team), have conducted themselves correctly, the game isn’t the place to protest your
    dislike of this country & its flag, If these players wish to protest, then use there overpaid salaries to help in Texas & Florida
    where there resources can do good? Course they could always go live in North Korea, Rodman will be glad to set it up!!!!!

  • Angelo G

    I have all together stopped watching football.
    The NFL has decided to not respect my values so I would be a fool to support them.
    I am not a fool.
    Find something productive to do with your time instead of sitting in front of the TV supporting people that spit on the very country that allows them to make this kind of money for playing a game.
    You will have more fun and be a better person for it.

  • walkoff1

    I suggest that you also boycott the companies that advertise on NFL games, along with notifying those companies of your reason. NFL doesn’t give a flip if you watch as long as they get the ad money.